Trenton Daniels

Trenton D.

Trenton Daniels is a senior at Brookfield
East High School with a 3.3 G.P.A. Trenton
plans to attend the University of minnesota
or Columbia University majoring in Mechanical
engineering. Having undertaken Advanced
Placement (AP) courses in calculus, chemistry
and physics, he is on the fast-track to his
engineering degree. Trenton is described by
his teachers as a hard-working student/athlete,
held in high regard by his peers. He is a
member of Brookfield East’s varsity soccer
and track and field team and a member of the
Inspiration Choir at the Awana Club-Missions
Leadership Ministry at Tabernacle Community
Baptist Church. He aspires to use his education
in engineering to find new and innovative
ways to use resources in the community.