Carter Piggee

Carter P.

Carter Piggee, is a senior at Brookfield East
High School with a 3.3 G.P.A. Carter plans to
attend Morehouse College or San Diego State
University. He intends to pursue a career in
government, as well as continue his journey in
learning Spanish language and culture. Carter’s
love of Spanish is due to a stay in Valencia,
Spain as an exchange student. Carter has been
part of Brookfield East’s wrestling program
and theater department. Since 2010, he has
worked as a volunteer with the City on a Hill—
a local outreach program that focuses on serving
the needs of the homeless. He is a member
of the Evangel Assembly of God, where he
lends his acting talents to church productions.
He hopes to create a cycle in which African
American men continually return to this community
and help inspire and uplift others.