Rodney and Bettie Wesley



Rodney and Bettie Wesley

      Mr. and Mrs. Wesley have been in the insurance business for many years.   Rodney Wesley started working in the insurance industry in 1978 shortly after graduating from Hamilton High School.  Bettie Wesley graduated from North Division High School.  She also began her career in the insurance industry in 1975.  Mr. & Mrs. Wesley both attended Milwaukee Area Technical College in 1987, and they took various insurance courses through Milwaukee Insurance Company and Wisconsin Agent Licensing.  Both Rodney and Bettie Wesley are fully licensed insurance agents and have worked for over 48 combined years in the insurance industry.

Their Insurance Agency is the largest Black owned independent insurance agency in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area in regards to volume size.  The ideal location for the Insurance Agency was found in the Center Street area.  Their agency is located at 5600 W. Center Street and has been there since 1988.  After being in business for several years they were able to purchase the building from the Local Union 61 organization.

There are some Black owned independent insurance agencies located in the central city however none of them has grown in volume like the Wesley’s Insurance Agency.  The Wesley’s adhered to using grassroots methods and word of mouth to gain clients for their young business and even though there were competitive prices out there, the Wesley’s managed to stay afloat.  In the beginning their business, like so many others, was on a very tight budget for several years.  Due to having good money management skills, diligence, perseverance and having paid off the mortgage to their building, they now have room to breathe.

Rodney and Bettie Wesley have been married for 28 years.  They first met during their employment at the Milwaukee Insurance Company and four years later they were married. They are a spiritual couple who are active members of Christ the King Church.  Rodney is a faithful servant, and once leader of the Senior Usher Ministry and Bettie is the Mission Ministry’s Leader there.

As a mission leader, Bettie does a lot of volunteer work.  She participates in clothing & food drives and nursing home visits.  The church has adopted a family from Somalia Africa to support and have also adopted Auer Avenue School for which they donate school supplies, hats, gloves and other things as needed. The teams also work at the Salvation Army and they plan to work with the Habitat for Humanities in the summer of 2013. She has also done mission work in Kenya Africa.

Rodney was born and raised in Milwaukee and Bettie was born in California, but lived in Louisiana for a while before coming to Milwaukee.   They are proud parents of five adult children; all but one live out of state and two are following their parents’ footsteps as entrepreneurs themselves.

Rodney and Bettie has accomplished, in their Black owned independent insurance agency, what no other Black owned independent insurance agency has; and that is being number one in volume among others of the same.  It is because of this that Rodney and Bettie are 2013 Black Excellence Award Honorees.