Brian Smith

Brian Smith

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By Nathan Kerner


Milwaukee native Brian Smith Joined the Army right after graduating from Solomon Juneau High School.  When he returned home, he worked at Milwaukee Public Schools and Loomis Armored.  But his yearning to serve was still there.  When the opportunity to take the Milwaukee Fire entrance exam came, Brian found a way to satisfy that yearning.

Brian Smith joined the Milwaukee Fire department looking for a job.  What he found was a calling he has served in for over twenty years, a demanding calling that provided Brian with the opportunity to serve his community and be a part of a an extensive fraternity.

Brian first joined Engine Company 30, headquartered on Teutonia and Locust.  He would also complete Paramedic training, and would serve with Engine and Paramedic companies the first 10 years of his career.  Around this time, Brian found the opportunity to take his first promotions test, to the rank of lieutenant.  Brian was weary of promotion at first, not sure he was up to it.  But Brian decided that he would be the best he could be.  He took the test and passed, earning the first of his three promotions.  His first assignment as Lieutenant was watch commander, Engine Company 36.  He would also serve as Director, Community Relations, beginning in November, 2003.

Brian was promoted to Captain in May 2009, and would command Ladder 13 and the Fire investigation Unit.  He attained the Rank of Battalion Chief in January of 2012.  Brian’s first assignment in his new rank would be as commander, Battalion 3.  In this capacity, He would command 8 firehouses, covering the entire southwest corner of the city of Milwaukee.  He would also be present for all emergencies in the battalion area.  In December of 2012, Brian assumed his current duties as Commander, Special Operations.  As such, he oversees the training and qualifications of several units who have a wide variety of missions.

Of all the many accomplishments, the one that gives Brian the most pride is being a role model to the community.  Brian firmly believes that the MFD is a positive force in the community, and he wishes to maintain those ties the best he can.

Brian has been married to his wife, the former Courtney Smith, for eighteen years.  The have three daughters, Marquita, Tiera, and Vanessa; and a son Brian Jr.