Angela Pittman Taylor

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Angela Pittman Taylor 

Angela Pittman Taylor is a true corporate trailblazer.  She is now First Vice President of Public Relations at Robert W. Baird & Co.  She forged her own path at the firm, beginning with a college internship in 1998, moving steadily up the corporation to her current position.  And she’s fully committed to helping others follow a similar path to success.

Pittman Taylor acknowledges it’s fairly rare for someone in her generation to show long-term loyalty to one employer.  She says it goes back, in part, to her upbringing in Milwaukee, where she was born and raised.  Her oldest sister is hearing impaired.  “From the beginning, communication was very important to my family,” Pittman Taylor says.  In her early teens, she got involved with her church youth group at the Worldwide Church of God.  She helped in planning activities, trying to get people engaged, spreading the word and even getting other youth groups from neighboring churches involved.

“That’s when I decided I really, really liked that,” Taylor says, “planning and communication,” essentially relating to the public about her group’s activities.

Pittman Taylor graduated from the University School of Milwaukee.  She has a degree in Communications Journalism with a Public Relations emphasis and a minor in Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  She graduated magna cum laude from Eau Claire in 2000.

Pittman Taylor subsequently earned a Master’s in Mass Communications from UWM.

In 2011, the Milwaukee Business Journal named her a Woman of Influence.  In addition to her public relations position, Pittman Taylor serves as Communications Chair of PRISM, Baird’s Multicultural Associate Resource Group.  She also is the Secretary of Sisters With Stock Investment Club (SWSIC), a Baird-sponsored women’s investment club focused on increasing financial literacy in the African-American community.

Pittman Taylor currently is an adjunct instructor at UWM, where she’s taught classes in Journalism in the Mass Communications department.  “I always think that’s probably a next phase in my career, career number two, to become a professor,” she says.  She is married to Chris Taylor, a Spanish teacher at Bay View High School.

While at UW-Eau Claire, Pittman Taylor co-founded the Alumni of Color Social Justice and Inclusion scholarship, to recognize student leaders who performed well academically.

Pittman Taylor is very cognizant, even at her relatively young age, of enabling those coming after her to achieve success similar to her own.

“When you are in a position like mine, where I feel like there have been a lot of people who have opened a lot of doors for me along the way, you always feel the responsibility to pay it forward,” Pittman Taylor says.  “I feel very lucky and blessed.”

And that very strong sense of responsibility is why Angela Pittman Taylor has been chosen as one of the Corporate Trailblazers of the Black Excellence Awards for 2013.