Ofc. Aleia Avant


Aleia Avant


Police Officer Aleia Avant possesses keen analytical skills and compassionate character traits. She builds future successes by tapping into three beliefs: that excellence is something everyone possesses; excellence needs to be built upon; and that failure helps propel people to excellence.  Her experience and insight into human character most certainly led her to a career with the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD).


Born and raised in Milwaukee, Aleia credits her mother, Kamala Anderson, for doing an excellent job as a single parent raising her and her sister. Kamela began Aleia’s education in preschool at the Neighborhood House of Milwaukee, followed by attendance at GrantosaDriveElementary School and LincolnCenterMiddle School of the Arts. As a teenager she began associating with individuals possessing questionable character traits, while living in the same neighborhoods with them. She wisely changed course. Believing she was headed to becoming an “at-risk teen statistic,” she accessed her strength of mind to avoid that label and graduated from RiversideUniversityHigh School in 2004. Her reasoning skills and commitment to hard work led to a Police Aide position with the MPD after high school graduation. More dedicated work and the desire to go further assisted her in following through with the Milwaukee Police Training Program. In 2007, she began serving the MPD. Now a Patrol Officer, she participates on the MPD’s recruiting team.


Influenced by her mother’s bachelor’s degree in communication, Aleia enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to pursue a Global Management major after becoming a police officer, because she always wanted to go to college. Her belief that a college education increases her chances of succeeding in what she wants to do motivates her desire to attend college.
Aleia said, “In my line of work I believe a person that is willing to take on the hurt and pain of others requires a mindset of excellence. You can’t help a person that is at the lowest point in their lives and you are on the same level as they are. I know that no one is perfect and I think that there is always something I can offer.”  With this knowledge, she contributes outside of her daily work duties and strives to uplift the community by offering clothing to the homeless. She has given a bible to someone contemplating suicide and has sat side-by-side with a depressed woman speaking to her about the beauty of life and the beauty within herself. As a spiritual person, Aleia believes that food for the spirit, as a kind act, works powerfully. As a result, she loves to help build people’s spirits, because “I hope that what I say or do will help lead them to their path of excellence.”


Her hobbies include writing poetry, short stories, traveling and listening to music.