Monte Mabra


Mr. Monte Mabra

Mr. Monte Mabra is the founder of Voice of the Fatherless Child Center for Intervention through Entertainment. His organization offers community services that include arts education, virtue seminars for young women, and workshops that teach young men how to be leaders in our community. Monte, a Milwaukee native, earned his High School Equivalency Diploma from Oregon High School in 1996. He also holds certifications in Developmental and Human Relations Psychology, Anger Management, Cognitive Thinking, Building Services, Computer Literacy, Business Application, Domestic Violence, and Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counseling. A self-proclaimed “former habitual criminal”, Monte’s last period of incarceration began in 2001. During this time he committed himself to self-improvement and abundant reading and writing. Mr. Mabra founded The Voice of the Fatherless Child Center for Intervention through Entertainment in 2008 after years of reflection and writing. His original play, Voice of the Fatherless Child has become a community staple and is fueled by the organization’s youth, local actors, musicians, and choreographers. Most Voice of the Fatherless Child events are offered to the public gratis. Monte is a member of the Fatherhood Initiative and Milwaukee Area Technical College Human Services Board. He also coordinates the Drama Ministry at Christian Faith Fellowship Church where he has been a member since 2001. Monte has been married to Regina Slocum Mabra for 3 years. He has one daughter, Sha-Diamond, 11, a stepson, Darren, 22, and is a grandfather of three.