Dr Ramel Smith


Ramel Smith


Dr. Ramel Smith wanted to be a fireman when he was a child.  Born and raised in Milwaukee, where he attended Milwaukee Public Schools, he wanted to save lives and help people in his community.

“I always felt I had no other choice,” he said, adding, “My family raised me to be helpful. I was raised in New HopeMissionaryBaptistChurch, and so many people helped me, sometimes people I didn’t even know were helping me. They were mentors, teachers…just people who loved and cared about me. I’ve always tried to lift as I rise.”

Ramel taught at RiversideUniversityHigh School in 1995 and took a summer job selling cars to supplement his income. There he met a psychologist who inspired him to find another way to help people. After substitute teaching for a year, he began his advanced studies.

He then took an internship at EthanAllenBoysSchool, where he fell in love with the people they serve, and committed himself to serving in an entirely different way. Combining his love of education and psychology, Ramel has been able to reach hundreds of young people in trouble. He has since moved on to Children’s Hospital in the Children and Adolescent Psychology Department, where he treats children who face trauma stemming from sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse, and the loss of physical safety.

He is co-founder of the Rufus King/Riverside Charity Football game that began in 2010, with Dr. Demond Means, current superintendent of the Mequon-Thiensville school district. They have raised thousands of dollars for scholarship funds in the past four years for both Riverside and King. This year they are having a Pink Out game as they join forces with the American Cancer Society of Wisconsin to help bring awareness to breast cancer, while still raising money for the schools. The game is always held on the fourth Saturday of July, to coincide with King Alumni Fest.


Ramel serves on the board of the YMCA-Urban Campus, is a member of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity (Kappa Phi Chapter) and is a member of The Hampton Avenue Church of Christ. He is married to Stacey Smith. They are the proud parents of Joie, 9, Jonah, 5, Noah, 5, and Skye, 3.

Ramel and his sister, Dr. Alisia Moutry, host a weekly television program, Asque The Blaquesmith on MATA, Channel 14/96 which is designed to strengthen the mind, body and soul. Their mission is to help each individual grow in knowledge on subjects such as, but not limited to, physical fitness, financial literacy, spirituality and mental health. In addition, they introduce topics to increase social awareness and activism. He signs off every week with his favorite quote from their grandmother, Daisy May Cockerham, who was fondly known as Mama Daisy. “The best way to heal yourself is to help others.”  Ramel Smith is hoping to make sure that everyone receives their second chance.