Yvonne Kemp


Photographer, Milwaukee Community Journal & Milwaukee Brewers

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“Photography is the art of observation. I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.Creating memories is a lifetime of pleasure.”

After a 30-year career as an accountant, Yvonne Kemp eagerly accepted an offer from her brother, renowned photographer Harry Kemp, to work as his assistant.


Ms. Kemp initially handled scheduling and accounting for her brother, who was posthumously honored in 2013 with a street named after him.

Yvonne caught the photography bug soon after she began working with Harry, who began to pass on his extensive knowledge of photography. Within months, Yvonne was taking on shooting assignments and learning the intricacies of creative photography.

When Harry died, Yvonne stepped in to fulfill several of his contracts, including a prestigious position as a photographer for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Community Journal Weekly Newspaper. Nearly a decade and a half later, Yvonne emerged as one of the city’s most prominent photographers, having built an impressive resume and reputation.

Yvonne volunteers her spare time working with:

  • Born 2 Dream Diva’s in Training-the development of our young girls

Their commitment is to build self-esteem in youth females between the ages of 6-17 years old by empowering them to believe in themselves; to be a trusted friend when your family and friends need you; to love yourself when you believe no one else does; how to carry themselves as a young lady at all times; how to treat others and have love in their hearts for all people. They will learn to build character so they can teach others that beauty is within and not what other people think. We want to teach them to understand the value of the dollar and how to save for the future. With our Earn, Save and Give (E.S.G.) back component, we teach them that if you give your time (volunteerism), it is just as rewarding as earning a dollar. We need to direct our youth how to seek knowledge instead of them waiting for knowledge to find them. Young ladies need to understand to respect their bodies and that it’s ok to say ‘no’ and demand to be treated like the princess and queens that they are. These young ladies are the next TD’s (TRUE DIVA’S). You have to love yourself first and then only can you love others.


“Voice of the Fatherless Child” Center for Intervention through Entertainment. The mission is to teach young men the responsibility of fatherhood, the important role they play in a child’s life, and breaking the cycle of incarceration. For young girls, the message is self-esteem and self-worth.

Yvonne intends to carry on Harry’s legacy by forming the Harry Kemp Foundation including his “Lifetime of Memories”

Today, Yvonne is a highly sought after photographer, expanding her resume from commercial and newspaper photography to include creative works that have earned her national recognition.

Selected Awards

  •    Image Award Winner 

                                    African American Female Teach-In

                                 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School                                                                                      2014

  •    Certificate of Appreciation

                                  Read Across America Day

                                Milwaukee Urban League Guild                                                                              2014

  •   Sisters of Creativity Award

                                The Artellectuals                                                                                                          2013

  •    We Matter Milwaukee Award

                                Voice of the Fatherless Child                                                                              2012



Milwaukee Press Club                                              African American Chamber of Commerce

Milwaukee Braves Historical Association             Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce

Society for American Baseball Research               NAACP



  •    Milwaukee Morse-Marshall                                              Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                  Certificate of Completion (Digital Photography)                                                                                 2012

  •    Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                 Certificate of Recognition & Completion (Start Smart Business Planning Series)                2009

  •    Oklahoma City Community College                                   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                                                  Associate Degree (Business Administration)                                                                                        1982