Wanda Montgomery


By Nathan Kerner   Wanda J. Montgomery graduated from East Division High School (now Riverside University School) in 1972.  She went to the University of …

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Stacey McKay


HEALTH Stacey McKay By Janet Brown Stacey McKay is a Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens.  Although there are not many Black Pharmacy Managers working at Walgreens …

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Sgt. Winfrid Finkley


Winfrid T. Finkley   With invaluable service to the United States Navy from 1986-1994, serving in Desert Storm and an honor graduate as a Psychiatric …

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Roy B. Evans


Attorney Roy B. Evans is a lover. He loves his community. He loves his wife Georgia of 45 years. He loves the work he does. …

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Ronald Fancher


Ronald Fancher   Born to the son of a factory worker, Ronald Fancher, grew up in a 2-parent household where education was valued and strived …

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Rodney and Bettie Wesley


MINORITY BUSINESS Rodney and Bettie Wesley       Mr. and Mrs. Wesley have been in the insurance business for many years.   Rodney Wesley started working in …

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Ras’ Ammar Nsoroma


Ras‘ Ammar Nsoroma  Ras‘ Ammar Nsoroma is an artist with a portfolio that stretches from more than 100 outdoor murals to several indoor, public portraits, …

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Portia Young


Portia Young Media Portia Young is the co-anchor of “12 News This Morning” from 4:30 to 7 a.m. weekdays. Portia was promoted to this position …

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Patricia Ellis


Education Dr. Patricia Ellis SHARP Literacy Inc.      Patricia Ellis, at the age of five years old, knew that she wanted to become an educator.  …

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Mary Jean Lewis-Jiles


RELIGION Rev. Dr. Mary Jean Lewis-Jiles By Janet Brown      Rev. Dr. Mary Jean Lewis-Jiles is a spiritual person of great determination, vision and integrity.  …

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